With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in 2021, more and more users are thinking about buying them. But the value of digital assets has already grown significantly over the past year. Experts gave tips for beginners

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In February, the number of searches for buying cryptocurrency in the Google search engine updated the maximum. Now interest in digital money is 35% higher than it was during the 2017 cryptocurrency boom.

This is happening against the backdrop of a sharp rise in the quotes of digital assets. Bitcoin is updating all-time highs day by day. On the night of February 12, its price approached the $ 49 thousand mark, and since the beginning of the year the growth exceeded 70%.

The current situation is not the best moment to enter, since the market is overheated, explained Anton Kravchenko, CEO of Xena Financial Systems. But there are projects that, even in the current situation, remain underestimated. According to the expert, one of these coins is Maker Dao.

“For an experiment, I would recommend buying a small amount - for $ 100- $ 1000, for example, a token of the Maker Dao project. It is better for beginners to gradually invest in 5-8 promising companies, when the market is not overheated, now there is only one such company, this is Maker Dao, "said Kravchenko.

He advised inexperienced traders to save a small part of their income once a month and invest in various projects - this will allow them to gain experience and eventually gain positions in different market cycles. If you monthly buy promising assets in the amount of $ 100- $ 1000 for two years, this can give a good result, explained Kravchenko.

You can reduce the likelihood of losing money when buying cryptocurrency assets if you enter the market with a quarter of the amount and then wait for quotes to fall by about 30% to average, added the head of the Six Nines data center Sergey Troshin.

"When the market falls by 30%, then enter another quarter of the amount, and then two quarters, when it falls by another 30%," the expert explained.

Troshin advises starting with blue chips - bitcoin and ether. According to him, if you want to buy a little-known cryptocurrency, you need to understand what prospects it has for the next 3-5 years. If there is no such understanding, it is not worth buying such a coin.

Those wishing to purchase cryptocurrency should learn how to work with a wallet and get used to regular backups of the private key, said Grigory Klumov, founder of the STASIS stable cryptocurrency platform. For beginners, he advises stable cryptocurrencies that are tied to fiat money quotes and will not bring large losses to the owner, for example, USDT and EURS.

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Source: RBC