In this section, each registered user gets verified.

To start the verification process, follow the link.

Then you have to check and accept the privacy terms and provide your consent to the processing of personal information.

The next step appears only if you initiate the verification process on a PC. You will be asked to enter your telephone number to get an SMS with a link, or scan a QR-code in the mobile app, and continue the verification process on a smartphone using the received link.

At the next step, the system will suggest that you fill in your personal information. After filling all the fields, don’t forget to press “Complete” button to move to the next step.

Then you will have to take your photo. To do this, follow the instructions that will prompt you the appropriate angle and distance to the camera. Make sure that your face is well lit and the picture is clear.

According to the international Know Your Customer standards, at the next step you need to verify your identity using an official document issued by the state – passport or ID card.

Choose your type of document and download the photos of your document.

At the final step, the system will request you to provide a document confirming your residence address. It can be a utilities bill, home internet bill or a bank statement.

When you take a photo, make sure of the following:

* All the corners of the document shall be visible on the photo.

* The text of the document shall be easily legible. Make sure that there are no flecks or spots on        the photo. Low-quality images will be rejected by the system.

* If your document has two pages or sides (for example, France IR-card or CIS passport), you need  to attach both sides / pages.

* The document’s expiration date shall be in at least a month. Any expired document will be rejected by the system.

* The system does not accept any documents that were edited in any graphic editors.

* We accept files in JPEG or PDF format with the size of not less than 500 Kb.

* In certain cases, the document may require Latin transliteration because the system does not accept Arab ligature.

Once all the steps are completed, the system will ask you to wait for no more than 10 min. We will do our best to timely verify your details. As soon as your application is confirmed, we will send you an email notification, you can also check the verification result on the Verification page in Buyex.