The cost of the first cryptocurrency on Turkish peer-to-peer exchanges was approaching $ 100 thousand, Goldman Sachs applied to the SEC for a bond issue with digital assets, the artist Beeple sold an NFT token for $ 6 million and other news of the past working week


Shares of large mining companies are up 5,000% over the past year

For every 1% increase in the price of bitcoin, shares of large mining companies rise in price by an average of 2.5%. But this trend works in the opposite direction.

Bitcoin rate on Turkish exchanges approached $ 100 thousand amid collapse of lira

Due to the fall in the exchange rate of the lira against the US dollar on Turkish peer-to-peer exchanges, the cost of bitcoin rose to $ 94 thousand.

The head of the US Federal Reserve called Bitcoin "a substitute for gold"

Bitcoin cannot be a means of payment due to the fact that it is unsecured and too volatile, says Jerome Powell


Over the course of a day, the bitcoin rate fell by 8%

The quotes of the first cryptocurrency fell to a two-week low of $ 53 thousand.

Beeple sells NFT token to Tron founder for $ 6 million

Artist Michael Winkelman will donate funds to charity to fight climate change. Previously, Beeple was one of the three most expensive living artists. His work was sold for $ 69 million.

The head of the Central Bank of Norway called bitcoin "too expensive and unstable"

Oystein Olsen considers it unthinkable that cryptocurrency can replace money that is controlled by central banks


Rosfinmonitoring named cryptocurrencies popular among criminals

Deputy Director of the Service Herman Neglyad said that in Russia, the facts of using digital money for the purpose of financing terrorism are recorded

Elon Musk announced the beginning of the sale of Tesla cars for bitcoins

The option is currently only available to the company's American customers. After Musk's announcement, the cryptocurrency rate began to grow and again exceeded $ 55 thousand.

The head of CryptoQuant calls a way to buy bitcoin at the price of the "global bottom"

Ki Yong Joo pointed to an indicator that shows the end of a pullback soon due to falling selling pressure


Bitcoin rate updated at least March 8

The value of the first cryptocurrency dropped to $ 51.5 thousand.Less than in the last two weeks, the asset fell by $ 10 thousand.This happened on the eve of a record expiration of options with a volume of $ 6 billion

Former FATF executives become advisors to crypto exchange Binance

Marketplace management will be advised by former FATF executive secretary Rick McDonnell and head of the organization's delegation to Canada Jose Nado

Goldman Sachs Filed SEC To Issue Bitcoin Bonds

The largest US investment bank plans to place debt instruments linked to an exchange-traded fund that will contain cryptocurrency


The head of MicroStrategy predicted the growth of the bitcoin rate to $ 5 million

Michael Sailor, CEO of a public company that holds the first $ 4.8 billion cryptocurrency, admitted the possibility that Bitcoin capitalization will reach $ 100 trillion

The robot sold its own NFT token for the first time in history

The non-fungible token is tied to a drawing that was created by artificial intelligence based on the work of the Italian artist Andrea Bonacheto, and was sold for $ 688 thousand.

The Soros Foundation named a new threat to bitcoin

The investor of the legendary financier George Soros' company told how the pandemic affected the status of the first cryptocurrency, and why Wall Street players are starting to take it seriously

A source: RBC