Welcome back to BUYEX blog! Tonight, the topic on the agenda is a truly fascinating one: artificial intelligence, its interaction with blockchain, and the impact that such a high-tech cooperation can bring into the crypto industry. Living in the era of technological advancement, the power of which keeps growing exponentially, we are well aware of the influence that artificial intelligence has on the society and on the market. Now let’s look at the aspects of blockchain’s and AI’s beautiful synergy.


To start with, the application of artificial intelligence would be an invaluable tool for dealing with the task of proper energy distribution. Mining, as you probably know, consumes plenty of energy, plenty of electricity. When the blockchain gets overloaded, the level of energy required surges dramatically. Since the speed of mining needs to be as stable and constant as possible, and distributed ledgers strive towards continuity, it means that the energy consumption needs to be at its peak all the time: otherwise, it will not be able to manage the overloading periods.

Not being capable of dealing with overloads means plenty of “crypto traffic” incidents and consequently, plenty of transactions “frozen” pending and as a result, plenty of frustrated clients. It’s not realistically possible to adjust the level of electric energy depending on the blockchain’s overload manually. However, when leaving the task of monitoring the workload & the amount of energy required and controlling the electricity consumed by adjusting it according to the blockchain needs to artificial intelligence, it solves the whole problem once and forever.

The system of decentralized exchange services

Another illustrious possibility of artificial intelligence application to the blockchain is the system of decentralized exchange services. Having only traditional authorization systems and human resources at disposal, it’s impossible to find a balance between the accessibility and security of data. Either accessing your account is going to be “the 9th circle of hell”-type activity, or the safety of your assets and data is going to be pretty questionable. However, it is certainly in artificial intelligence’s power to find a golden middle by constantly adjusting to each particular task, request and situation.

Furthermore, an exciting fact about artificial intelligence is that it’s free from the “human factor” mistakes and negligence. An employee of the customer support, even the most skilled and professional one, can get tired, sick, stressed, influenced by personal circumstances etc., while the AI is flawless 24/7. Artificial intelligence is learning via processing millions of different tasks, cases and situations. Due to considerably higher speed of processing the information than the human brain’s one, AI is capable of getting familiarized with the amount of information that would take decades of studying for a human being in just a couple of minutes. It can also analyse billions of different sources of data simultaneously.

An exciting fact about artificial intelligence is that it’s free from the “human factor” mistakes

Thus, introducing the application of artificial intelligence into the blockchain operations can become a long-awaited solution to the vast majority of the system’s problems and bring the whole algorithm of cryptographic financial operations to a new level. It is not the news that both AI and blockchain are one of the most discussed and promising technological innovations of the 21st century. Integrating the two of them into the most powerful high-tech cooperation and implementing this advanced tandem into the e-commerce structure is undoubtedly going to bring a stunning variety of accomplishments to this field.