💸 The tech sector of the US stock market is continuously receiving record cash flows.
Net purchases in the other 8 key sectors are still near zero.

❗️Tesla historical high of $ 2000.
At the beginning of this year, the share price was $ 400

📈 Now the maximum number of traders has come to the Chinese stock market in 5 years.

❗️ This is amazing. This graph shows strong growth in Argentina's P2P BTC exchange, reaching $ 4.21 million in July.

📈 BTC trade volume in India reached a record high in July.
For some Indian investors, Bitcoin is a safe way to preserve their wealth and minimize the uncertainty caused by demonetization and a possible ban on gold in the country.

📊 Record low trading volume in the SP500. Over the past two days, only $ 12 billion.
MORGAN: Market volumes are well below the usual seasonal levels. It is not normal.