Thrilled to welcome you in our blog again! Tonight, we are going to discuss a hot topic of cryptocurrencies relevance on modern financial market. In order to identify the key target audience of CASHOUT & any other companies specializing in digital currencies, we are going to share the results of a research we’ve carried out: which recognized companies use crypto coins & which professional fields they belong to.

Thus, we would like to give you clearer idea on which types of business are the most likely to benefit from using our product, as well as describe the industries where CASHOUT is the most likely to become a long-awaited solution to the vast majority of problems.

To start with, the research has shown that an outstanding number of major companies dealing with the eCommerce field consider cryptoprocessing as an invaluable tool for their activities. The most shining example is eBay, which has already included crypto payments option in its turnover.


Cryptocurrencies are widely used in electronic trade sectors specializing in retailing (e.g. Overstock,




travel agencies (e.g. Expedia),


television providing (e.g. Dish Network Corporation ) and many more.


There are many reasons for such popularity. Cryptoprocessing ensures the most secure implementation of online transactions that has ever existed. At the same time, operations are carried out fast & on beneficial conditions. There is no more need to deal with banking bureaucratic hell and get administrative approvals for each transaction. You don’t have to lose time, money and nerve cells on transfers carried out via standard banking systems.

Crypto payments are anonymous and thus, completely independent. The user gets an absolute economic freedom. Your business remains entirely yours, released from third parties irritating involvement. Besides, electronic commerce companies are the field of future, which automatically obliges each of them to comply with this status in every aspect, including payment methods. Thus, an ability to provide the clients with safe, convenient and instant payment options is a direct responsibility of every electronic trade enterprise.

The last but not least factor worth mentioning in relation to the relevance of cryptoprocessing in the eCommerce field - taking the payments procedures headache off the list of issues to be solved is a significant step towards flourishing on the digital market, since being relieved from the financial management burden means being enabled to concentrate on primarily activities of your business.

Mais revenons à nos moutons – getting back to our research, another important candidate for crypto payments option implementation, which has proved to be considerably benefiting from its use, is the field of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

We’ve found out that there is unprecedented number of MLM companies which cannot imagine operating without digital currencies being an integral part of their turnover (e.g. Mindset24Global,


Ormeous Global,




iCoin Pro,


Starbits etc.).


An essential part of our research was identifying the reasons why the main sectors constituting crypto transfers’ target audience have chosen to use digital currencies so widely. We are happy to share the results we’ve got. First of all, cryptoprocessing tools significantly expand the scope of opportunities available for the companies specializing in MLM, since their keys to ultimate success are connections, networking and financial freedom.

Having a possibility to create their own independent webstores, where all clients can carry out direct payments for the goods & services in digital currencies, which are free from the governmental impact & safely protected from any risks of fraud, will not only make a financial department’s life considerably easier, but also multiply the number of customers dramatically, as well as bring a business on the international level – there are no borders for cryptocurrencies users, for digital payment system operates throughout the world.

In conclusion, we would like to mention a high-risk segment as the business area, where crypto transactions have become the most popular payment method (e.g. Bitstarz,








Even eBay has chosen a cryptocurrency as preferred tool for their auction service.


An outstanding number of high-risk enterprises using digital coins was quite predictable: this sector gets a mind-blowing amount of invaluable benefits from cryptoprocessing services, and here are the main reasons why. The banks can and will block at least a half of accounts used for carrying out high-risk transactions like, for instance, gambling, mining or auctions. Cryptoprocessing services like CASHOUT will never do.

We respect your right to the freedom of activities, as well as the fact that you are an adult and thus, don’t necessarily need your payments provider to act as your mom telling you which transactions are good for you, and which are not. Complete anonymity is guaranteed. As long as the business is legal – we will provide all our support independently of its nature. Besides, just saying, an anonymity makes taxation enforcement impossible.

Appreciating your liberty, we still understand that if you deal with high-risk industries, you may need an extra safety pillows securing you from potential risks being materialized. Good news for you – the charge backs are simply not possible within cryptoprocessing services. You don’t need to worry about your client’s payment being cancelled five minutes after being made. Once your transaction is completed, it is irreversible.

Although the fields mentioned above, along with, obviously, digital coins keeping, are the main areas we would like to highlight as cryptoprocessing services’ target audience, we can still be a good fit for anyone interested in having an opportunity to receive direct digital payments to their sites & generally interested in digital transactions business, as we provide a powerful & convenient platform for any form of electronic trade. We are happy to assist anyone in both starting your own independent e-commerce business or bringing it to the next level of success.