Tonight, we are going to entertain you with original stories about “crypto stars” — people who made it in the cryptocurrency industry, those who have managed to make their digital technologies developments popularly known and recognized in professional circles.

One of the most raucous and bright personalities of the crypto world is an eccentric technological genius and crypto enthusiast John McAffee. Famous primarily for inventing a powerful anti-virus program, he started to take an interest in a cryptocurrency and has even made the most widely debated and even shocking prognosis regarding the Bitcoin’s rate by the end of 2020, which, according to McAffee, is going to reach 1 million USD.

Insane conditions of the bet this guy has made are still at the top of the most popular and even scandalous topics within crypto industry: he has promised to eat something truly precious to him on national television. For additional details, follow the link (not intended for sensitive readers!). For his sake, let’s hope his predictions will come true…

Recently McAffee has created an application called BitcoinPlay that became a subject for new hot discussions — it enables its users to earn cryptocurrency for answering quiz-type questions of the game. BitcoinPlay will transfer certain monetary prizes in a cryptocurrency for correct answers on various subjects — sport, history etc.As for incorrect ones, there is another surprise, which could be described best by quoting McAffee’s comment: “Family friendly option as well as the adult friendly option featuring my voice cursing at your ineptitude. Earn Satoshis while being harangued by me.” This charming crypto-enthusiast is also planning to issue his own digital currency — McAffeeCoin. As for now, he is very successful in earning a fortune on ICO & cryptocurrency tweets that have often been a reason for dramatic surges of digital currencies rate.


other well-known personality of digital currencies universe is Roger Ver — an early Bitcoin startups investor turned a multimillionaire after successful investments in the first cryptocurrency (BTC). The total amount invested was around 1 million USD. Then the digital currency’s value has multiplied around thousand times.

The reason of Roger Ver’s fame is not simply his mind-blowing jackpot, it is also his outstanding charity activities. He has also started actively promoting Bitcoin and making a great deal of efforts to attract public attention to it in 2011, when almost no one was familiar with the very concept of a cryptocurrency, when almost no one could expect its dramatic growth. After his public speech on digital currencies’ benefits at school, Roger Ver has received a nickname “Bitcoin Jesus”.

The next crypto celebrities we are going to tell about are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss – the Internet entrepreneurs and founders of the company Winklevoss Capital and Bitcoin-exchange Gemini owning 1% of the total world’s resource of Bitcoin.

Initially known for their scandalous claim raised against Mark Zuckerberg, when young gentlemen have stated that they are the original creators of Facebook’s idea, the twins have become the first millionaires who have built their fortune on a cryptocurrency in the entire history, except for the very Bitcoin’s creator hiding under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto.

Today, the most of us are familiar with an alternative name of Bitcoin – “digital gold”. However, a few of us know that it was Cameron Winklevoss who was the first one to compare BTC with the gold and even call it “a better version of gold”. Besides the fact that the gold’s value on the market is comparable with Bitcoin’s value on digital market, as brothers Winklevoss highlighted — BTC is way more stable than gold, and has shown way less volatility.

Since digital currencies industry is quite an extraordinary field itself, there is no wonder that it is driven by extraordinary people but nevertheless, some of their stories are so remarkable that it’s hard to imagine.

Same as any other industry, a crypto-world has its notorious personalities alongside those who are famous in a positive way. A shining example of such notorious “celebrities” is Craig Wright - the guy who has numerously claimed that he is the one hiding under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto — the Bitcoin’s creator. Despite the fact that his claim has been recognized as a scam by everyone, Wright has never stopped insisting on its validity.

As already mentioned, the cryptocurrency universe is full of interesting personalities…